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11 January 2003

Jessica has got on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer kick; and now that I have seen a few episodes, I definitely understand why people are jonesing for Giles. So when Jessica got online and found an interview with Anthony Stewart Head, she passed me a few of the more delicious tidbits:

On a whim, I ask if his character in Buffy has his own action figure toy. "Oh yes," he boasts, "I articulate in 14 positions and I'm a choking hazard."

When he auditioned for the part, he suggested playing Giles either as a version of Hugh Grant in Four Weddings, as Prince Charles or as Alan Rickman "in his more decisive moments". Whedon liked all three ideas, so Giles became a tweedy amalgam.

I freely admit that I posted the latter one partly to troll Rebecca. *grinning evilly*


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